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How To Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

How To Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

The free upgrade to Windows 10 program is officially over. However, there are still unofficially free copies of Windows 10 available for you. There are some methods that still allow you to get Windows 10 for free without having to use a pirated license or install Windows without a key but still working just fine. So you can save for a small watermark to purchase a license. Here’s how you can know each of these methods work.

Enter a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 Key

Although you are no longer able to use the “Get Windows 10” tool to update your Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 computer to Windows 10, you can still be able to download Windows 10 installation file from Microsoft and then enter a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 key when installing it. We tested this method again on January 28, 2018, and it still works well.

Windows will connect to the Microsoft’s activation servers and then confirm the key of the previous Windows version if it is real. If it’s a correct key, Windows 10 will then be installed and activated on your computer. Once done, you simply head to Settings > Update & security > Activation, you’ll see the “Windows is activated with a digital license” line when installing Windows by this way.

While we’re not sure when Microsoft will block this method, it still works well currently. Even when Microsoft blocks this one in the future, your computer still keeps its digital license and Windows 10 still remains the activated status.

Reinstall Windows 10 If You Have Already Upgraded

If you’ve got any free upgrade offer during the first year or providing a key for an eligible previous version of Windows 10, you can still get “Windows 10 for free” with the same hardware.

To do so, simply visit the homepage of Microsoft and download the Windows 10 installation media and then install it on that computer. Don’t enter key during the installation process. After it contacts Microsoft’s servers, the Windows 10 version on your computer will be automatically activated

But you should note that you can only do it if you’ve already upgraded to Windows 10 version, but you can still install Windows 10 OS for free on the same computer even if you have the replacement with the hard drive or other components. The new activation wizard in Windows 10 will help you troubleshoot the changes of hardware and associate the digital license again.

Skip and Ignore the Activation Warnings


You can download the Windows 10 installation media from Microsoft homepage and then install it on your Windows computer or in a virtual machine without entering a product key. Windows can still work normally without any issue.

You will be prompted to activate Windows 10 and it won’t allow you to change any of the options in Settings > Personalization, but we think it’s not too necessary that you want to do on your computer. Whenever you want, you can pay a nominal fee to update to a legal, activated Windows 10 version from the unactivated Windows 10 version running on your computer. Although it isn’t allowed by Microsoft’s guidelines, they’ve designed Windows to work this way.

You can visit the Microsoft’s website and get a 90-day evaluation Windows 10 Enterprise version and it will continue working for about three months. This copy has the extra features built into Windows 10 Enterprise version, so you can also test these Enterprise features conveniently. However, you can upgrade to any Windows 10 edition to the Enterprise edition if you have a key. Although other free offers like the Accessibility are not now available, these methods still cover you well.

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