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How To Disable Notifications On Almost Of Devices

How To Disable Notifications On Almost Of Devices

While almost notifications are helpful, if the notification is overloaded, it is a real problem. Apps on your phone, tablet, and even computer always want your attention, but the alerts might be a distracting waste of your time. Here’s how to disable them.

iOS Devices

Apple gives you several options to control notifications for IOS systems. You can easily turn notifications off for any individual app, or simply customize the notification settings of an app. Furthermore, iOS also allows you to hide the notification content from the lock screen for specific apps. So if anyone actually glances at your lock screen, they just see a message like “1 New Message from…” rather than the content of the message.

The iPhones/iPads also have other useful options that allow blocking spam text messages or the phone calls. All you need is blocking the individual numbers or installing a blocking app that requires a database of bad numbers.

If you just don’t want notifications to display at the specific times, schedule the Do Not Disturb mode to stop the distractions.

Android Phones

Android OS comes with a number of the powerful notification options. Besides enabling/disabling notifications for individual apps, there are also other options to adjust if you want the app’s notifications to silently show up, or if you want the content of that notification to be hidden from the lock screen.

Moreover, Android also lets you manually block the specific phone numbers from sending SMS messages to you and making phone calls. There will be an alert warning you when you receive a spam call.

Similar to the iOS operating system, Android also offers a Do Not Disturb mode that allows you to manually activate a schedule. On your Android phone, you can also adjust the notification settings for specific apps if you want them to send the important notifications while you have enabled the Do Not Disturb mode.


Apple provides users the notification controls on macOS version. You can easily disable notifications for the individual apps or tweak the notification settings. For instance, you can toggle the banner notifications off, but you can leave messages in the notification center to see later.

If you’d like to turn notifications off at specific times, simply activate the Do Not Disturb mode temporarily or on a schedule.


Windows lets you turn off all notifications in a single option. You can easily disable notifications for the individual apps even when they’re traditional apps. Although this doesn’t work for all of them, a few desktop apps still have their own notification system. On Windows, there are also several other settings to make your computer quieter, such as deactivating the advertising pop-ups, hiding notification icons, or removing the messages from the lock screen.

From Windows 10 version, there is a new feature, called “Focus Assist” (Quiet Hours). This feature works like Do Not Disturb mode on mobile devices, which allows temporarily mute the notifications. It can be activated on a schedule. When you disable the Quiet Hours mode, your Windows computer will show you the missing notifications.

Chrome OS

If you are using a Chromebook or other devices running Google’s Chrome OS, you can head to the right side of the taskbar, click on the “Do Not Disturb” icon in the middle to activate this mode.

Navigate to Settings > Content Settings > Notifications to control which apps and websites are sending you the notifications. Under the “Allow” list, you will see all apps and websites that can send you notifications.

Apple Watch & Android Wear

If you own an Apple Watch or Android Wear, both of them give you some ways to control the notifications of the apps. You can temporarily mute notifications so that they don’t bother you.

If you are using other devices with annoying notifications, just do a web search and you will find the instructions to disable notifications.

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