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How to Recover Forgotten Microsoft Office and PDF File Passwords

How to Recover Forgotten Microsoft Office and PDF File Passwords

The Word, Excel, PPT, PDF are currently the most common files used in schools, office, colleges, etc and they also come with the inbuilt security options like password protection. Once you set a password confidential file, it can only be accessed with a password.

Although setting password for your files can increase the security of your files, in some cases that you might forget the password of your Word files or have trouble with editing a secured PDF document. You tried searching methods to recover the password but none of them helped you.

This post today is sharing with you the awesome Password Recovery Bundle app. The application cannot just recover the forgotten passwords, but it can also remove the restrictions without remembering the original password.

How to Recover Password with Password Recovery Bundle

Password Recovery Bundle is released to optimize for the modern graphics cards. Follow these below steps to know how you can use the tool to recover password of your Word, Excel, PPT, PDF files.

  • First, download Password Recovery Bundle app from its official site.
  • Once done, double-click on its installer
  • The installation wizard will then show up and you simply follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Once the Password Recovery Bundle is installed on your computer, simply launch it from your desktop.

How to recover passwords using GPU acceleration

  • Open the Password Recovery Bundle app from your desktop.
  • Click Recover from Fileand select a file format.
  • Choose the file that you want to remove the password.
  • Choose between two options: Recover User Passwordor Remove Owner Password.
  • Click on “Recover User Password” section if you are not able to open the file. If you can open the document but not able to edit it, select “Remove Owner Password” option. Then click on Nextto continue

If you click on Recover User Password, there will be three password recovery methods for you to choose, including:

  • Mask Attack
  • Brute-force Attack
  • Dictionary Attack

Mask Attack

Mask Attack method lets you try the certain combinations appearing in the password. This option is usually used to crack the 6-digit password and starts with “qwe”

Brute-force Attack

Unlike Mask attack, if you choose this option, it will try all possible combinations till it scans the correct one. Depending on the password length, numbers characters, the recovery time is different. If you set a complex password, it will need a while.

Dictionary Attack

The final method will try suggesting & scanning the most used words or phrases set as a password. It will read line by line in the text file, which is bundled with the software. You can also install latest dictionary files and then use them as well.

  • After you select one of three methods above, simply click on the Next The program will then calculate the CPU & GPU on your computer and then accelerate the recovery process of the password.
  • Once the process is done, you will see the password displaying on the screen and you can then copy and paste it into a text. Once again, the process will depend on the complexity of the password, so the time to recover the password might vary from hours to days.

While there are a number of applications available online claiming to recover the passwords of your PDF, MS Office files, there is just a few of them that can utilize GPU resources to get the best results. Hopefully, the Password Recovery Bundle software helps you recover the forgotten password of your files.

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