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Settings Changes in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Settings Changes in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

The next annual update for Windows 10 operating system is coming soon. Although Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the official name for the upcoming update, it’s probably called Spring Creators Update. Besides the new Timeline feature, there are also some adjustments and movements in the Settings app.  So to help you find the new additions and choose your favorite ones, this post will show you the revamped Settings app in the Windows 10’s Spring Creators Update.

Settings Changes in the Spring Creators Update


Before the appearance of the Settings app, Windows users just had the Control Panel for checking the system settings. However, Microsoft has added more items from the Control Panel to Settings in each new Windows version. And in the upcoming Spring Creators Update, you can view the fonts in the Settings app, where you can see the larger previews than what you view in the Control Panel. All you need is heading to Settings > Personalization > Fonts. At the top of the screen, click on Get more fonts in Store to shop for more fonts if you want.

Startup apps

It is a headache to find the list of start-up apps in Control Panel. But now doing this is much simpler in the Spring Creators Update, as you can go straight to a page in settings and select which apps are allowed when you boot up Windows 10 PC. Go to Settings > Apps > Startup and toggle the switches to select your startup apps.


Audio settings are also moved from the Control Panel to Settings. You just dig into Settings > System and from here, there will be a new Sound section. You can then choose your output and input devices such as headphones or microphone…, and set the volume level for each one. Take look at the bottom, click on App volume and device preferences to set an overall volume level and the volume levels for single apps.

Free up drive space

The helpful Disk Cleanup tool has now been made a leap to Settings. Simply navigate to Settings > System > Storage and click on Free up space now. Your Windows 10 PC will then automatically scan your drive and suggest the files that you should delete to free up more drive space.

App-by-app graphics settings

For the Windows computers running dual graphics processors, you will have to dig into the AMD or Nvidia control panel (depending on your dedicated graphic processor) and then choose which apps to use the dedicated graphics and which  app you want to save a bit of power instead of using integrated graphics. You can make these choices directly in the Settings app. You just go to Settings > System > Display and click on Graphic settings to select your apps and then set your graphics preferences.

Windows Security

Go to Updates & security section in Settings and you will see that Windows Defender has been changed into Windows Security. Simply review your security settings from here and you can open the Windows Defender Security Center to do some changes.

If you cannot wait getting the official Spring Creators Update, you can join the Windows Insider Program to install this update for your Windows 10 computer right now. However, before proceeding, you should make sure your PC is ready for the update.

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