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How to Setup Chromecast on Windows 10 Computer

How to Setup Chromecast on Windows 10 Computer

Although the apps like Miracast can mirror your laptops to a Smart TV, if you use Chromecast, it can work more effectively and efficiently. However, setting up Chromecast on Windows 10 computer is very easy. After that, you will be able to cast movies and videos directly from your laptop to your TV. Keep reading this post to know how to setup Chromecast on your Windows 10.


  • A Google Chromecast device
  • A Windows 10 computer.
  • Google Chrome browser.

Once done, let’s start setting up Chromecast on your Windows 10 computer.

How to Setup Chromecast on Windows 10 PC

  1. Connect the Google HDMI Chromecast device to the HDMI port of your TV and then turn it on.
  2. Choose the source input of the TV after plugging in the Chromecast device. You should check in which HDMI port you have plugged the device by reading the label on the TV. The Chromecast device has successfully been connected to your TV. We just now set up Chromecast on your Windows 10 computer.
  3. On your computer, go to download the Chrome browser. Then install it, unless you have already installed the browser on your computer.
  4. Launch the Chrome browser, and visit the website:
  5. Now, choose the option to set up Chromecast on your computer.
  6. You will now be prompted to accept the Chrome Privacy Terms and Condition, just agree it.
  7. Next, the page will automatically find your Chromecast device or any available device connected to that Wi-Fi Network.

If your device is not found, you should turn the Wifi Network off then power it back on or switch the Gigahertz from 2.4 to 5 GHz.

  1. Once the Chromecast device is detected by the browser, just click on the Set Me Up
  2. Now, click on the Wi-Fi icon at the right corner of your Windows taskbar and choose the Wi-Fi network labeled the Chromecast’s device.
  3. After connecting to the Chromecast’s Wi-Fi, click the Next
  4. On the computer screen, click Yes if there is a code matching with the code on the TV screen.
  5. Chromecast will then ask you to enter any name for the device. Just type in your favorite one and then click on Looks Good.
  6. You will now see a prompt for confirming your Wi-Fi settings. Select a Wi-Fi network to connect to and type in the password. After that, click on the Connect
  7. The device will now show you the screen, it’s now ready to cast the screen.

You have just setup Chromecast on your Windows 10 computer. From now, you can easily play videos from your Chrome browser to your TV. Simply visit any Chromecast site to play a video. Once the video is played, you simply click on the cast icon to start playing videos on your TV.

That’s all you need to do. Let us know in the comments below if you have any trouble in the process of setting up your Chromecast to your TV, we’ll help you out.

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